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Title : Miin-ah
Pairing : (Main)KyuMin
Sd Character : KangTeuk, Siwon & Donghae
Genre : Angst, Drama & Romance
Rating : PG-13
Beta-ed by : lilvietaznbabi
Length : Chapter 1 - 30 + After Story

Summary : A love story that you wouldn't want to miss out, an up side down of eternity bond in between love they never looking for and the hatred they never wish on, when the high standard of life bringing tears from the innocent eyes and as the devil is so keen to break them apart. Their fate thunder, when they kept on meeting back to the thrill of passionate love, leaving a trace of future romance. Whatever happen, the love that Kyu-shi hold is only for his Miin-ah, and whenever Miin-ah is comeback he only looking for his Kyu-shi, because when they were together, their love sparkling bright. To heaven of love and tears, Miin-ah is forever been remember.

A/Notes : Readers!! finally, I'm able to close this up with a happy ending. Thanks to all my royal readers who kept on following and commenting on this simple fics of mine. Salute.

Extra : Miin-ah Fan-Fiction Video Trailer

Chapter Series : 1st (Feast) , 2nd (Secrecy) , 3rd (Territory) , 4th (Fortune) , 5th (Filthy) , 6th (Sickening) , 7th (Servility) , 8th (Eglantine) , 9th (Neither) , 10th (Tempting) , 11th (Elevation) , 12th (Twist) , 13th (Tertiary) , 14th (Foreseeable) , 15th (Fictitious) , 16th (Shifty) , 17th (Severity) , 18th (Edge) , 19th (Necessity) , 20th (Together) , 21st (Throb) , 22nd (Tough) , 23rd (Thrill) , 24th (Fathom) , 25th (Feasible) , 26th (Silhouette) , 27th (Savage) , 28th (Ember) , 29th (Newborn) , 30th (Tacit) + After Story


Title : My Sweet Little Lover
Main Pairing : KyuMin (d' 2nd. generation)
Sd. Cast : KyuMin (Miin-ah cameo), YeWon, KangTeuk & HanChul
Genre : Angst, Drama & Romance
Rating : PG-13

Summary :  "..Love come unexpectedly in my life, the moment I never wish too. When this is the end of my fathers story, an epic tales of their loves. My love story is next, which is nothing to compare to theirs, but let me share it with you, this is my story, my first love story. The memories that I’ll cherish till the end, even how sad it was but still I take it as the best memories I’ve ever had. This is the story of love between me and My Sweet Little Lover..".. Choeel Kyuhyun.

A.Notes : A sequel to Miin-ah series, you need to read Miin-ah to get the overall view for this series, but I'm sure MSLL followers all has read it, but still for neu reader, this is just a lame fic you can read on when you had some free times. And the Intro for this series is the same one from the After story of Miin-ah, so please don't be confused... Amuse-toi bien, merci beaucoup!

Ch. Series : Intro, Ch. 1 , Ch. 2 , Ch. 3 , Ch. 4 , Ch. 5 , Ch. 6 , Ch. 7 , Ch. 8 , Ch. 9 , Ch. 10 , Ch. 11 , Ch. 12 , Ch. 13 , Ch. 14 , Ch. 15 , Ch. 16 , Ch. 17 , Ch. 18 , Ch. 19 , Ch. 20 , Ch. 21 , Ch. 22 & Ch. 23 ... (Unfinished)


Title : Cookies
Pairing : YeWon, 2Woon & KangTeuk(friendship)
Special App. : Kim Heechul
Genre : Romance & Drama
Rating : PG-13

Summary : The secret lies from generation to generation when a forbidden love break all the hell loose. The love that weren't meant to be, but for the sake of freedom and future they stumbles upon the dead end of their own. Jongwoon and Siwon is too young to understand and realize that they have to leaves their Cookie jars to reach upon the star. 

Ch. Series : Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 & Chapter 7 ... (Unfinished)


Title : The Lee Brothers
Character : Lee Eunhyuk, Lee Donghae & Lee Sungmin
Pairing : EunTeuk (Main), KiHae & KyuMin
Genre : Thriller Drama & Romance
Rating : PG-13

Summary : Lee Eunhyuk is a very caring and loving elder brother who has to take care over his two brothers since their parents were dead in a car crash when he was 15 years old. He has to be patient in controlling his hard headed brother Lee Donghae, and need to be gentle on caring his younger brothers who were sensitive and sick Lee Sungmin. And in the chaotic moment of his life when the past come to haunt them back, a love come knocking in the door of his heart. (becoz my summary always sucks, that's why I wrote the Intro..*sigh*)
Ch. Series : Intro, Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch.4, Ch.5 ... (On-Going)


Title : Up to Heaven, Siding to Hell & Down to Earth.
Main Pairing : SungHyun(Sungmin+Kyuhyun) & SiYeBum (Siwon+Yesung+Kibum)
Side Pairing : KangTeuk, HenWook, EunHae & HeeKyung.

Ch. Series : Intro, Chapter 1, Discontinued Summary... (Unfinished)


Title : Kiss Me, Love Me
Pairing : KangMin
Genre : Drama & Romance
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Kangin is the city mayor and he's going to run on the next election for the President, but he hold a dark secret when he was in love with his speech writer which somehow is a young man name Lee Sungmin. What Kangin really wants is a place to let go his lust hunger of kisses but what Sungmin want is for him to be love.

Ch. Series : Intro, Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6, Ch.7, Ch.8, Ch.9 & Ch.10... (Under finishing process)


Title : Love Game
Pairing : EunHae, KangTeuk, KyuMin & YeWon
Genre : Romance & Angst
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Wanna play a game? It’s called Love Game… There’s no rules applied; you play around, you gain some fun, getting to share a secret or two, tell em your stories, cry on each other shoulders, holds hands and just think about forever, but… one thing you can’t!! Don’t Fall In LOVE!! Because the first one who does, LOSES.

Chapter  : Love Game, Ch. 1 ...(On-Going)


Title : A Moment to Cherish
Pairing :
Genre : Angst
Summary : Sungmin was living years that has meant nothing and now he wasn't only dying for his life but he was dying to stay alive to cherish the moment that he thought was nothing but actually everything. He knows his beginning was somehow scary and he aware that the end will be sad but it's everything in between that make it all worth to dying for.
A/Notes : This is a combination of two jongwoonadmirer fiction called Memories and Misery that been written with Yesung Biased, the concept and plot will have a lot of similarity in between but the writing style and event on this series is new and this is written with Sungmin biased.

Chapter : Moment 1, Moment 2, Moment 3, Moment 4, Moment 5, Moment 6, Moment 7 ...(On-Going)


Title : 1307 - Do You Remember
Pairing : KyuMin
Genre : Angst
Rating : PG-13
Summary : It's 13.07.2013, everything has change, they're still Super Junior but obviously they not anymore, Sungmin was left abandoned when everyone was in spotlight, succeed in everything they're doing, Sungmin always pretend to be strong but at some point he cant pretend anymore, he think its time for him to surrender and just be defeat by the fate.

Chapter : Introduction


Title : Perfect Stranger
Pairing : Main!KyuMin, One-Sided!ShiMin
Genre : Angst, Drama & Romance
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Sungmin was running from loan shark when his father commit suicide with a million of debt only to stumble upon a perfect gentleman, Kyuhyun who fall in love with him at first sight. Knowing the only way to clear his debt and save his family by marrying Kyuhyun and plot to kills him afterward for his money by the help of his best friend Siwon who actually hold a crush on him, but what come next is unexpected. Love is after all about sacrifices and trust. Will Kyuhyun able to win Sungmin heart?

Chapter : Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8 ...(On-Going)


Title : Our Family
Character(s) : Appa!Kangin, Umma!Leeteuk, Triplets!Lee Brothers
Pairing : KangTeuk, KyuMin, EunHae
Genre : Au!Family, Drama, Angst & Romance
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Like other family, their family typically seems normal, rival between brothers, jealousy and love. But there are things that happen has turn their perfect family in a chaotic between happiness and tears spilling moment, sometime hate can turn to love, brothers can feel a little too attach and be dependant, parents can struggle on their own believe and what more can life tell about this little family.

Chapter : Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14 ...(On-Going) 


Title : Super Min
Character(s) : Super Junior Members
Pairing : (Main)KyuMin, Yewook, Eunhae
Genre : Au!Superhero, Crack & Angst
Rating : R (For violence)
Summary : Out of his kindness to help, he was granted with a superficial power that change his life from an average idol star to a superhero, but someone was after him. How can he save himself without endangering people round him, will he able to cheat death again?
A.Notes : Dont expect much to see the ending of this story since I just write this out of bored.

Chapter : Prologue, Chapter 1 ...(On-Going)


Title : The Way He Is
Character(s) : Super Junior Members
Pairing : Main!ShiMin, Slight!KyuMin, KangTeuk, EunHae, Brotherhood!HenMin
Genre : Angst & Romance
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Sungmin lifes has been relatively perfect after he being adopted at age eight. But twenty years later, he found himself as a hostage for a high profile killer Choi Siwon. In between battling over with deadly disease and building up trust, their romance bloom. But will they found their happy ending with future death that face them both?

Chapter : Prologue, Way 1, Way 2, Way 3, Way 4 ...(On-Going)


Title : The Bachelor - The Prince Quest
Character(s) : Super Junior Members, Trax Jay & JungMo
Pairing : TeukMin, HeeMin, HanMin, KangMin, YeMin, ShinMin, HaeMin, EunMin, ShiMin, RyeoMin, KiMin & KyuMin
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG-13
Betaed-by : lilvietaznbabi
Summary : There's only six month left for The Crown Prince Lee Sungmin to be able to find his true love and get married before he can take over the kingdom. Out of choice, his grandmother set him in a quest with twelve eligible bachelor for him to choose as his respectable husband. Will he found his true love and get his happily ever after ending? Or, is he going to turn down the roles as the ruler of the kingdom?

Chapter : Prologue, Quest 1, Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest 4, Quest 5, Quest 6, Quest 7, Quest 8, Quest 9, Quest 10, Quest 11, Quest 12, Quest 13, Quest 14, Quest 15 & Epilogue


Title : Zero:Zero
Pairing : KyuMin
Length : Two-Shots
Genre : Romance/Angst
Rating : PG-13
Warning : Character Death

Summary : Like the past years again Kyuhyun forgot about their anniversaries, but after this years he will never ever be able to forget the date.

Parte : Zero:Zero (1/2) & Zero:Zero (2/2)


Title : He’s Out Of My League
Pairing : KyuMin
Genre : Romance
Rating : PG-13
Length : Trilogy
A. Notes : Sungmin 2011 Birthday fics from me. Sungmin Oppa, Saengil Chukahae!!
Summary : Sometime being in a wrong place at the wrong time is after all the right thing to do, Cho Kyuhyun might be a geek, but once he fall in love with superstar Lee Sungmin, there’s nothing can ever hold him back to got the man for himself.

Parte : Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3


Title : Yesterday, Today & Tommorow
Length : Trilogy
Pairing : YeWon
Genre : Angst
Rating : G
Summary : This is a side story for Siwon love in Miin-ah and My Sweet Little Lover, you can read this alone if you don't want to read the series.

Parte : Yesterday , Today & Tomorrow... (Unfinished)


Title : Heartbeat
Length : Two-shot
Pairing : KyuMin, Broken!KyuWook
Genre : Angst & Romance
Rating : PG
Warning : Character Death
Summary : After Ryeowook death, Kyuhyun lost his believe in love but what happen when he met Sungmin who somehow has the exact personality like his death lover?

Parte : Beat 1 & Beat 2


Title : Its Complicated
Length : Two-shot
Pairing : Eventual!ShiMin, Broken!KyuMin & One-sided!EunMin
Genre : Angst & Romance
Rating : PG-13
Warning : MPreg & Character Death
Summary : Sungmin life turn upside down when Kyuhyun left him and found himself pregnant to a stranger child out of drunken one night stand he had. And three men come to his rescue and fight for his love.

Parte : Part 1 & Part 2


Title : Of Secret Santa Mission & A Birthday Wish
Length : Two-shot
Pairing : KyuMin
Genre : Fluff & Romance
Rating : PG
Summary : Kyuhyun was stalking his own stalker a.k.a secret admire which he admired...well what if he decide its time for the end of this secret stalking and go all out about it.

Parte : Part 1 & Part 2


Title : Sad Love Story
Length : 5 Parts
Main Character : Kyuhyun & Sungmin
Pairing : KyuWook & ShiMin
Genre : Sad Romance
Rating : PG-13
Notes : Genderswitch: Girl!Min & Girl!Wook
Summary : Kyuhyun and Sungmin were a childhood best friend, and in order to secure their relationship, the two of them has kept their true feeling as a secret from the other to know and suffer with the choice they’ve made.

Parte : Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5 & Epilogue


Title : A Moment Of a Lifetime
Characters : Sungmin, Leeteuk, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk & Donghae
Pairing : KangMin, KangTeuk, KyuMin, EunHae, KyuHae & EunMin
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Melodrama/Romance

Summary : Love is something you can look for, but most of the time you just stumble to it. When they where on a journey to found their love they forget to look on their shoulder, cause somehow the thing they are looking for actually there, right on their side. Look closely as they where on search, as some of their moment just cost them a lifetime. And found out the true meaning of 'match made in heaven'..

Notes : Its kinda long, so bear with it, and don't skip. Cause, everything in this storyline was connecting from start to the end. Enjoy!.


Reminisce The Fond Memories | YS x SJ | Angst | PG-13 | Character Death

This Imperfect Look | YeWook | Monologue | PG-13

The Man In Love | KangMin | Romance | G

The Answer | YeWon | Drama | G

Just A Friend | Hae-Hyuk-Hee | Song Fic | G

Love Surreal | SiMi | Smut | NC-17

The Facts Why | Sungmin | Angst | G

Why Do You Like Yesung? | YS x SJ | Q & A | G

Through This Windows | YeWon | Angst & Thriller | R | Character Death

Blame It On | ZhouMi x SJ | Drama | G

Sciences Of Love | YeWon | Unguided Experiment | G

Love Chaser | Teuk-Ye-Won | Drama | PG-13 | Character Death

Of Not Loving You | EunHae | Angst | PG-13

I'm Sorry, I Love You | Min-Eun-Hae | Angst | PG-13 | Character Death

Shock | KyuMin | Angst | NC-17 | Character Death

My Dream Boy | ShiMin | Fluff | PG

The Golden Iris Boy | KyuMin | AU!Fantasy | PG-13

Angel | ShiMin | Angst & Romance | PG-13

Tears No More | KyuMin | Angst & Romance | PG-13

Confession | KyuMin | Angst | PG-13

Tokyo, London, New York & Paris | KyuMin |Angst & Romance | PG-13

Happy Birthday Sungmin-ah | Sungmin x SJ | Angst | G
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KyuMin Love Drabble

Title : Kyumin’s Love Drabble(s)
Pairing : KyuMin
Genre : Romance & Fluff

~ Love Rain ~

The sky was dark and threatening that day, not many people were seen around the area, it’s a known fact that it will rain later and no one want to be stuck in the rain so does him. He was on his couch staring outside from his 2nd floor apartment down to the road when the first drop of rain start falling on his window pane before thousand other follows, it’s nice to be home he think to himself as he watched few peoples running around to find some shelter down there and his toes curl deeper inside his warm blanket, on the table stood a cup of steaming coffee.

He was so lost on his trance of thought that he was a bit startled when an arms snaking around his waist and a warm body gently pressed against his back, sweet strawberry scent gently float around the air as he brought his hands to hold the arms around him, slowly he leaned on those warm hug.

“It’s rain.” He whispered softly as he pulled the other man forward and brought him into his embrace in no time before he found those pair of enchanted big doe eyes staring at him full with innocence.

“Let’s play in the rain shall we?” The man said suddenly, his eyes twinkle with excitement and he almost fell for it if only he was still in his right mind. Gently he shook his head in disapproval and a pout appeared on the other man lips which makes him look so adorable he cant help himself not to kiss the pout away.

“Kyu, its been so long since last time its rain, don’t you remember how fun it is?” The man said again, this time his tones change into a soft plea, gentle fingers trails along his collarbone up to his nape and it sent shiver down to his black bone.

“Min, its raining and what’s good playing in the rain, you might catch a flu.” He warned the other but Sungmin was a stubborn man and he know sooner or later he still will lose in this word battle, so at the end they were already at the lobby, with Sungmin hyper actively bounce in his two feet ready to be wet by the heavy rain.

The street was bare with people but him and his cute lover who happily jump in one puddle to the other, its been hour or more but the elder man still too engrossed in his own world that he had no heart to stop him. To be honest he loves the moment so much, even though the prospect of being in their share bed in the warm of their blanket and a cup of steaming coffee in his hand was a delight but seeing Sungmin wide smile and beautiful twinkling eyes were so much better.

Sungmin was running towards him that time with a ring of laughter when a car drove by and hit the puddle by the street side and there goes a giant splash of water straight to his cute lover, for a second he don’t know what to think about but when he saw the big grin in Sungmin’s face he cant hold any longer as he laughed along with the elder man who now in his embrace.

“I love you.” He whispered softly as he held the shivering man closer to him and cover the two of them under his black umbrella, Sungmin just nods in his embrace and looks up, his lips stretched into wide smile.

“I love you…a- achoo.” Sungmin sneezed and smile sheepishly before tilting his head and continued his broken words “too?” and he had no words to counter the hard headed man in his embrace and kiss the air out of the other.

Later that night after pushing Sungmin into a long warm bath and gave him medicine for his new caught flu, they lay in the bed comfortably. He was leaning on their head bed as Sungmin curled up on his side with his head resting on his flat stomach, thick blanket strewn on their lanky body as the rain continue on the outside. His fingers brushing the soft lengthy hairs of his lover, as the elder man slowly lulled to sleep.

The smell of the steaming coffee on his bedside table wisp in the air and Sungmin’s snore softly mixed with the sound of the heavy rain. A smile crept on his face and he sighed contentedly, its not that bad he thought, with Sungmin by his side everything will turn out beautiful, so does the day of the love rain.

~ Shooting Star ~

The scenic skyline of Seoul at night was beautiful, the skyscrapers stood proudly mixed with the unforgotten legend and history of an old kingdom. The breeze wisp gently as they lay side by side on the rooftop of their apartment, Sungmin on his pink sleep bag and him on his own purple one. Their eyes fixed to the sky which somehow bare of star even when the news state that there will be a meteor shower that can be seen passing through their city skyline that night. But he knew it was for the reason they were far too early from the estimated time since Sungmin was too excited he cant wait on their own apartment until midnight thus he ended there with his lover whose pouting by the facts there still no single shooting star he could trace.

“What time it will start again, Kyu?” His lover voice echoed in the silent night and he shifted his gaze to the elder man who still had his eyes fixed on the sky. It’s been the hundred times his lover has asked him the same question since they reached the rooftop.

“Probably around midnight, we have another half an hour to wait.” He answered patiently as Sungmin’s head bobble in stiff nods.

“Why do you really want to see the meteor shower tonight, Min?” He asked finally, its been few times that there are meteor shower happening before and being together with the elder man since they are little, he knew better Sungmin never really has the interest on it but today. In the dark, he could see a slight smile formed on the elder lips. Slowly, Sungmin shifted his gaze and faced him.

“You might not know but I have made a wish on shooting star before and my wish was answered and now I figured that there’s a lot more for me to wish and I don’t want to miss even a single star for my thousand of wishes.” Sungmin answered softly but for unknown reason he could sense there are a lot more explanation behind it since Sungmin never really kept a secret between them two, so it kind of a surprise to figured the facts now.

“And since we still have time, you better think of something for you to wish too.” His lover added afterwards and smiles encouragingly at him before shifted his eyes back to the sky and scanning the skyline yet again for any trace of shooting star there.

He just smiled and looks back to the skyline and start to think of something for him to wish on, for real or not he wont lost anything if he wish upon a shooting star, right?

“It started, Kyu quick make your wish!” Sungmin shrieked suddenly by his side when a sparkle white line break on the sky and he quickly looked down to the elder by his side to find him already clasp both his hand on his chest tightly with eyes shut and lips chanted with airy words of wishes. Sungmin looks so beautiful that way and he seems glimmer in the dark of the rooftop that he cant tear his eyes away from the elder man. His eyes gently closed as he said his wish.

Just let him be by my side with our love became stronger so we can be together forever, just let me love him with all my heart.’

When he opened his eyes and see the man of his life there, so beautiful and perfect, he realized his wish going to come true. After few more minutes, the sky turned dark again and Sungmin fringe of heavy eye lashes fluttered open slowly, a smile full of hope stretched wider on his pouty lips before their eyes met in between.

“Did you wish on the shooting star?” Sungmin asked as his head leaned closer, their breath mixed and their lips a centimeter apart.

“I do.” He answered before their lips sealed in passionate kiss, the shooting star might just ended but his wish just been answered. He will definitely looks up for the next shooting star later.

~ Smiling Sun ~

It was one of the rare day for him to wakes up before the elder man and he found it a bless for being able to do so, despite the sleepiness that still linger in the corner of his eyes it still cant win the view of his lover sleeping soundly on his side which was a rare catch. The way Sungmin’s blond bed hair tousled on his porcelain white skins gave a certain feeling in his heart, how the pink glossy lips parted in a seductive way even when the man certainly didn’t intend on doing so made him chuckle how he has wasted years of not noticing it earlier before, if not for the reason he almost lost the elder man before, he still might have wasted more years doubting his true feeling he held for Sungmin and missed all this beauty perfection offered by the man he love.

Slowly, he moved so not to wakes the elder man and leaned closer to catch the sweet pouty lips, he took times to nibble on the man parted lips and devour all the taste he craved all these times. His hands come to life by themselves as one gently cup the chubby cheeks with another one started exploring up and down the expanded skins of Sungmin’s thigh, as time move Sungmin start to sigh feeling disturbed and whine unconsciously in his sleep, somehow pushing his face away before looking for another comfortable spot by snuggling up into the crook of his shoulder, the warm breath of the elder man tickled him.

“Hey sunshine, wake up.” He called gently and kissed the top of Sungmin’s head and stayed motionless for a good five second to sniff the unique smell his lover had. Sungmin moved a little in his arms but definitely not awake fully.

“What time is it?” Sungmin asked sleepily; eyes shut with hands now roaming around under the thin layer of his shirt, somehow he feels extremely good about it.

He looks up a bit to the alarm clock on their bed side before resting his head on the pillow again, “uhm too early for us to get out of bed yet, I guess.” He whispered full with meaning and Sungmin giggled which vibrate against his slender neck.

“Can I?” He suggested and smiled as his eyes caught the red tip of Sungmin’s ears. The man just nods in his embrace and he didn’t wait for long to kick the blanket out of the way so he can easily undress his cute little lover.

By the time they ended the sun already up and high, peeking daringly to the two forms tangled on the messed sheet filled with seed of love. Sungmin has fallen to sleep yet again and he just let him be as his eyes gaze out of the windows to the bright day outside and gently he smiled to the sun.